Frobisher International Enterprises, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, is proud to be supplying Canada with quality seafood for more than 30 years. Concentrating on importing only the best possible materials, our team of seafood experts visit each and every one of our farms and partners around the world to maintain high quality consistent products our customers rely on.

We believe that our success is attributed to exceptional quality products, our high level of service, and excellent value for money.

Our products are served at many fine restaurants and can be found at retailers all across Canada under OceanMama Seafood, OceanMama Organics, and 3Fish brands.


Bringing Organic seafood products to the North American market is our passion. Organically certified seafood products include Organic Atlantic salmon, Organic NZ Mussels, Organic Black tiger shrimp (cooked, ez peel and PTO), Organic meal kits and Organic Cooked Black tiger shrimp rings. We continue to source the finest organic products from around the world. We demand organic seafood that are raised using all-natural, sustainable practices, in harmony with their environments and the farmers.


We specialize in offering a wide variety of traditional and ethnic frozen seafood and sundry items that are creating excitement in the retail and foodservice scene.  Check out some examples of these and others in our products and recipes sections.

Count on us for an enticing variety of seafoods that meet the needs of an increasingly diverse Canadian consumer base.